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And then there's the homophobia. Well, let's see, what can I say about that? (I'm going to ignore for a moment the fact that the protests regarding Xena and Gabrielle's alleged lesbianism were all about subtext and lacking concrete evidence.)

The core of Hinduism is that of acceptance--of oneness with everything. It seeks to discover the essense of all things, to find what makes them what they are. To understand that there is God in everyone and everything, so we are all connected--even if we do not agree, even if one person is a hateful monster and the other's a saint. The divine exists in all, and every known Hindu figure who is praised as achieving self-realization has preached respect and tolerance toward those with opinions diverging from their own. To understand and not to condemn. So why would Krishna not come to the aid of a woman who seeks to save her friend from a demonic being even if he disapproved of the nature of their relationship?

(Of course, I wouldn't try reasoning with the radical.)


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