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And the issue's not quite so black-and-white as "censorship is evil." First of all, television shows by their very natures are censored in that the writers are restricted by what will and won't be accepted to produce and air. When's the last time child pornogrophy was graphically portrayed on a mainstream TV show? Censorship in some form or another is unavoidable and not always objectionable.

I don't know if in my heart of hearts I am completely and totally against all censorship. I think back to all the misportrayals of all things Indian that have upset me. Masses of people out there believe things that are entirely false about my culture because of the media's bastardization of it. I may be against book-burning, but I don't know if I would be writing this if there were Hindus--or Muslims, or Jews, or Mexicans, or feminists, or any group at all--protesting a hatefully offensive commercial. If that commercial is withdrawn, is that censorship so evil? I may support the freedom of speech of people I disagree with, but that doesn't mean I won't protest a hate crime if it occurs. Are members of "No More Sidekick Abuse!" (whose link doesn't seem to work) terrible censors?

It's one thing when a minority is tyrannically imposing sanctions on the majority; it's another when the majority is apathetically hurting the minority. (Of course, these things are subject to selective interpretation according to perspective.)


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