fushigi yuugi

once upon a time, a stereotypical anime heroine named miaka went to the library and found herself sucked up by a book (literally)... she met many people in the book who were fascinating despite their two-dimensional natures. miaka, who was rather two-dimensional herself, fit right in. and so, under the watchful eyes of keisuke and tetsuya (two very important people) destinies were fulfilled, battles were faught, food was eaten (quite a bit on miaka's part), and everything was just captivating enough to make crazy people like us want to keep the story alive...

Keisuke Explains the Story- An introduction to Fushigi Yuugi (by Keisuke)

Shrine to Nuriko

Project Houki- don't know who Houki is? Spoiler, then.

Rants (on the series in general--more specific ranting on the Nuriko page):

What I like... What I don't like...

the subversive pomegranate
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