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Indrajit is the son of the ten-headed, twenty-armed rakshasa (monster/demon) Ravana. His name is Meghnad; he received the title Indrajit, "conqueror of Indra," after he invaded the heavens and tied the powerful god Indra up. He is said to be extremely powerful but immature.

During the war of the Ramayana, Indrajit heads his father's army. He wounds Rama's brother Lakshmana, and the rakshasas rejoice; but Lakshmana recovers and winds up killing Indrajit.

Tataka shows up towards the beginning of the Ramayana. She's one of the rakshasas who terrorizes a group of sages. One sage, Vishwamitra, goes to the king and asks for only his sons, Rama and Lakshmana, to help him.

The boys travel with him to the ashram, and Tataka leaps out at them. Rama kills her with one arrow after Vishwamitra convinces him that she's a merciless tyrant (Rama is reluctant to kill a woman).

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