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Introduction- please read!

General: some thoughts on Xena...
X:WP: A study of inconsistencies
How I started watching and why I still bother

The chakram and Krishna

"Between the Lines":
Sati- why were they throwing the young widow in the fire?
Reincarnation and karma

"The Way":

This Hindu's perspective on "The Way"- Written mainly to help me sort through my thoughts on the controversy. For those with short attention spans, I've also broken it up


The Way: of Love and of War- the paths of Xena and Gabrielle...

God is One and God is 333 Million?

The Hindu deities portrayed on Xena:
Indrajit and Tataka

The Ramayana

Exoticizing the East

For a concise but accurate description of the Hindu religion, look here.
For even more information, a good place to start is Spirituality, Yoga, and Hinduism, which goes into much more details and answers more questions than I ever could on the Hinduism page.

Again, I can't emphasize enough that Hinduism is a large and diverse religion that has evolved through centuries. There is no exclusive text or founder. There is no one right way of thought. Please don't assume that all Hindus will necessarily hold the same beliefs.

Original Xena pictures are from Michelle's Picture Library. Thanks to Michelle for allowing me to use them.

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