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unoriginal ideas
Face it, the human mind is unoriginal. Some ideas occur to virtually everyone. And when the same idea is written and rewritten a myriad of times by various authors, it becomes tiresome to read.
      If your heart is set on writing an idea that's already been written, then go ahead, but we encourage you to think of new spins to make the story more interesting to readers who are bored of reading the same story. And what are these ideas? Well...

  1. Sailor Moon R break-up stories
          This is undoubtedly the most overused idea in Sailormoon fan fiction. A countless number of fanfics have been written on a Usagi/Mamoru (Serena/Darien) break-up. They all seem to begin with Mamoru telling Usagi that he no longer has feelings for her. Many of them have Usagi/Serena move to the United States, mainly California...strange...

  2. Haruka/Michiru realization-of-love stories
          The two figured out their feelings for each other in SMS, so why are there stories taking place after Sailor Stars in which they are just learning what they feel? These stories are often filled with unlikely behaviour ("Michi, honey, how was your day?") and events (wedding proposal, you say?). While there are several very good "realization" stories out there, the vast majority contain flaws in characterization and history.

  3. U&M (S&D) realization-of-love stories
          Even when they take place during the Silver Millennium, these fanfics usually end up being overly cheesy and unoriginal. Why are they always falling in love at first sight? Even in alternate reality stories, the Usagi and Mamoru (or more commonly, Serena and Darien) epiphany is usually overdone. Why not play with them in more interesting ways--have Usagi despise Mamoru, then realize that she loves him after his death in a bizarre weedwhacking accident? Also, Mamoru seems to be overly emotional in his musings about his "Goddess of the Moon." (See "Overemotional Mamoru")

  4. Sailor Sun
          This character pops up in fanfics quite often. Her father in the past is usually the King of the Sun and married to Queen Serenity. She's almost always Princess Serenity's sister.

  5. Sailor Earth
          Another reoccurring character-of-the-week. Complementing Sailor Sun, Sailor Earth always seems to be Mamoru's sister.

  6. Zodiac Senshi
          This one isn't as bad as the others, but there are at least five big ones out there.

  7. Jadeite's Resurrection/Nephrite's Return
          It's improbable and overused. (Anyway, Jadeite could be destroyed by one "World Shaking." He's one of the weakest enemies on the show, so what's the use of bringing him back?

  8. Return of the Generals
          They come back to the Inner Senshi with open arms and lots of cheesiness. Some stories have done justice to this idea, but many seem to be the same story.

  9. Haruka and Michiru Have a Baby
          Several of these exist. Not all are necessarily unenjoyable, but they just irk us. Haruka and Michiru have a child: Hotaru. There's nothing wrong in their having another, but why is adoption so downplayed?

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