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[Priya is in dark blue, Shilpa is in light yellow]

Haruka is one of both of our favorite characters.

Of course. That's why we're making a shrine. But that doesn't mean we're going to gush. We're not gushers.

But she's so gosh darn coool!

ANYWAY, much of Haruka's appeal is her (Aquarian:) disregard for many conventional roles placed upon her by society. The planet Uranus's influence.

I like how she likes salads because when normal women like salads people assume they're dieting or anorexic or something. But no, Haruka's tough.

She blurs "feminine" and "masculine" qualities, which is nice; I'm really annoyed at times by the extent that some girls go to conform to the stereotypical "feminine" roles that society wants them to play although many such roles are utterly subjective. It's fun to see how she confuses everyone by disregarding so many of their expectations.

Haha, the Yuuichiruo thing was funny; I liked how he kept kept trying to pummel her but she just moved aside... Haruka's fuku colors are and yellow....

How that comment popped into your train of thought I'll never know. But about Haruka's boy-act--I'm sometimes annoyed when she's stereotyped as a completely tough, macho character. Her strength, courage, and dedication all serve to make her who she is, but I feel that moments of vulnerability define a character more than anything else. I love the moments when her attitude falls away and she reveals weakness or hesitation (usually only when she's alone or with Michiru).

Like that scene with the hands in episode 110...dirty hands, need some anti-bacterial hand gel...sorry....

All the talk of Haruka's great ego on so many sites really leads to the wrong impression of her character.

Haruka's not really that arrogant; it's pretty much a front.

She's usually teasing rather than self-important (delivering lines like "Sorry to keep you waiting, little girls," what a GREAT entrance!). And when she expresses her belief in her abilities, she does so in a self-driven, self-competing way rather than a "look-at-me-I'm-better-than-anyone-else" way.

Like she says in episode 106 when she explains how she was always the best at motor sports and running, "I wanted to be the wind." Not "I wanted to be the best and beat everyone else and since I am oh-so-cool I could."

And like I said, during thoughtful moments and around those to whom she is close, Haruka's attitude is not so prominent and often non-existent.

She's unconventional. Haruka is just so deep...

I actually think that "cocky" is a better word to describe her attitude (fewer negative connotations). I love how she never hesitates to express her opinion, but she doesn't seem like an easy person to be around for those who're not close to her. And I'm curious as to how the Japanese regard her unconventional streak since their society craves conformity...

That's Haruka, always standing out. People who don't really know her don't really understand her; she's not the way she seems to most of the world. She's not as impulsive as a lot people think, either.

She's quick to act, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't think about her actions.

On the contrary, Haruka is very thoughtful. You can tell she knows what she's doing by the way she fights.

Speaking of fighting, although she's very able and determined and all that, she also retains a sense of humor. I wasn't expecting to see that since everything about her I've read has her being so ultra-serious about battle. But some of her lines, particularly when she's going back and forth with Michiru, are priceless...

So multi-everything, that Haruka!

It's funny how although she'll flirt shamelessly right in front of Michiru, she behaves in a very jealous and possessive manner if she so much as perceives an admiring fan as a threat. I wouldn't have pegged Haruka as the clingy girlfriend type ^^;; . I think that her behavior suggests some insecurity on her part.

People label Michiru as the "jealous one," but she's not as bad as Haruka.

Michiru's more secure about where she stands. For all of Haruka's independence, she's far more dependent on Michiru than some people realize...but I've already gone into detail on this on the opinions page (don't ask me why these comments aren't on it)...

You crazy, crazy person!

Yeah? You know, Haruka also doesn't seem quite as dominant to me as people describe. More expressive, certainly, but Michiru's constantly advising her, and she listens to Michiru.

Of course! Michiru's so wise. And Haruka isn't THAT stubborn in her ideas.

It's the "butch/femme" stereotype at work...

"I like Haurka but I'm straight!" I do like Haruka, and I am straight, but why should we need to make this known? It's not like someone would say, "I think Mamoru is cool, but I am gay." Wow, Haruka's homosexual, but it's not her single defining trait. Like when you think of Rei you'd think "stubborn priestess" before you think "straight."

Well, you know how little kids can be. "You LOVE wood, you want to MARRY wood? You LOVE Haruka, you want to MARRY Haruka?" Funny. Those traumatized by such teasing now feel the need to declare their heterosexual identities to the world! (But they don't if they write "I love Usagi.")

So...what do you think of Michelle and Amara?

HA! HA! (Yep.)

Well, actually, they're pretty stupid. I hate how Amara says things that Haruka never would, and I don't just mean in conjunction with her "cousin." Yeah, yeah, American audiences couldn't deal with their real relationship, but that doesn't mean I have to think the dub is good or well done, neither of which is true. There are way too many inconsistencies. Why, for instance, are Neptune and Uranus cousins (according to Serena in the episode where she and Amara get stuck together)? They don't know anything about Neptune and Uranus!

Well, I didn't expect the dub to be anything great, and I certainly didn't expect it to accurately present Haruka and Michiru's relationship, but some of the things they say are SOOO stupid--but I won't go into that right now because it's just not worth it. American dubs of Sailormoon never present anything accurately anyway.

Here, since that's all we can think of at the moment, just remember, if Haruka was in a brawl, Bill Gates, yeah, she would definitely win! ehehe...^^;;;

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