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We're sure everyone knows of Haruka's first meeting with Usagi and Minako at the Crown Game Center and how they mistake her for "the perfect man." They stalk "him" for a while, dismayed by Michiru's appearance, and tell Ami, Rei, and Mako all about "him." When they later intercept Haruka, however, they're shocked to discover her true gender. "I don't remember saying I was a boy," she comments nonchalantly.

Initially, Usagi and Haruka's different mentalities regarding their duties interfere with their friendship. Haruka (and Michiru) become friends with the younger girls, Usagi in particular. However, Haruka (and Michiru, but come on, this is about Haruka and Usagi...just bear with us for this paragraph) think Sailormoon an incapable leader, a soft-hearted girl who cannot possibly protect the world from impending annihilation. The Inners and Sailors Neptune and Uranus don't know each others' alter-egos, and while the Inners admire Haruka and Michiru they can't understand the ruthless actions of Uranus and Neptune. Haruka and Michiru think that Usagi and the others are cute kids, but they think the Inner Senshi too soft, always attempting to save everyone possible rather than accepting that smaller sacrifices have to be made for the good of the world.

So that's the early situation: Haruka has already come to terms with the fact that she has to sacrifice innocents to stop the Silence, and she regards Sailor Moon scornfully because she refuses to take the actions that Haruka thinks essential. Usagi remains persistant in her efforts to befriend Neptune and Uranus. And eventually, her persistence pays off; the two come to see her desire to protect everyone, which they initially viewed as a weakness, as her strength.

Haruka grows very protective of Usagi. The girl retains the innocence that Haruka was forced to give up, and once the mess with the Silence is averted, Haruka whole-heartedly embraces her duty as Uranus to protect the princess.

In both the manga and the anime, Haruka has a rather flirtacious relationship with Usagi. Though some (especially fanfiction writers) believe Haruka and Usagi's feelings to be those of lovers, we feel that their relationship is more platonic. There's definitely a different chemisty there, but their flirtations are innocent, lacking intent. As time wears on, Haruka becomes more of a Rei than a...Seiya? Sure.

The two get on quite well. Of all the Outer Senshi (except possibly Hotaru, but then we see so little of her...) Usagi is closest to Haruka. Usagi is very open and probably finds Haruka easier to get along with as she is more emotional than the other Outers. Getting beyond Michiru's or Setsuna's reserve is more difficult.

So there you have it. In a nutshell, Usagi is one of the two most important people to Haruka (of three, once she and the others adopt Hotaru, at least in the manga). They have fun together.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is Takeuchi Naoko and a bunch of other bureaucratic people we don't know.
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