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commentary: taiki
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Icky spoo!

Taiki's an arrogant shmuck. That about sums up both of our opinions of him. I don't think that brains and test scores count for all that much--I admire wisdom and kindness more. I do admire intelligence, but only when it's tempered with wisdom--and nothing turns me off faster than arrogant intellectuals.

He thinks he knows everything, like when he was contradicting his professor in episode 177. And what kind of attack is "Star Gentle Uterus"? I wouldn't want anyone throwing reproductive organs at me!

:) Not my first choice either. But seriously, just about the only redeeming quality he possesses is his dedication to his princess--and that doesn't really do much for my opinion of him. He's too full of himself, and his character's too one-dimensional. As far as high-IQ Sailors go, Ami's nice; Taiki's a twit.

I don't hate him (why bother?), but he's definitely one of my least favorite characters. He's far too practical and boring. I actually don't dislike him as much as I used to...but I still don't like him. He actually gets a lot better as the season (Sailor Stars) progresses, but he's still not as cool as the other senshi.

That's basically all we can say. If there are any of you out there who adore Taiki, please write and let us know why...

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