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Commentary: Usagi

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She's my favorite! People always complain that she's so whiny and stuff, but you know what? She does a lot more than most female main characters. She might get into trouble, but when the situation's serious, she's always the one who saves everyone.

Usagi's a great character! I really like that she's not the "perfect" main character but a girl who feels quite mediocre at the beginning of the series who changes and grows in surprising ways as it continues. Her main strengths are that she's a very forgiving and selfless character--and that's not to say that she's never petty over little things; she is just a kid, after all. But she doesn't hold a grudge, and she's always ready to understand. Besides, I like it that she's a brat.

No "I'll never forgive you"'s from this girl! Wait, that's in her speech, isn't it...

So she's a hypocrite. That's okay. :) But seriously, I really like about her that she always seeks to understand and forgive. She'll fight against injustice, to protect her friends, to protect her planet--but to end injustice rather than to get revenge.

She ALWAYS puts others in front of her, and she puts the majority over Mamoru. If Mamoru turned bad and was beating up Rei, she would get in the way. And she wouldn't prevent Rei from fighting him because she doesn't want her dear "Mamo-chan" hurt. (No, I don't hate Miaka, I just think she's stupid a lot. And I hate how people like her more than Usagi when Miaka's a lot more selfish. And she can take care of herself.)

Yeah, she definitely has her priorities straight. Not that she doesn't care about Mamoru, but she doesn't put him above all the other people she cares about. Her relationship with Mamoru's hyped up as a central part of the series, but honestly, her relationship to the other characters like Rei or Chibi-usa interest me more.

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