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Commentary: Hotaru

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Well, as I said, I like child characters who deviate from the stereotypical perky, innocent little angels who wisecrack cutely from the sidelines (gag me now). And my favorite deviation involves precocious children like Hotaru. I like her best after she's reborn; I love her prophetic moments, how she can jump from being just another little kid to being a solemn senshi who lives to protect her princess.

She's so nifty with that glaive of hers. She was so cool in the Neherenia arc of Sailor Stars! Powerful, too. And she knows how to fights despite her young age.

I think the idea of her being an "anti-Christ" character's overblown. (Perpetuated by people who don't distinguish her from Mistress 9.) The power of destruction's not necessarily an evil thing. It reminds me of the negative connotations of Shiva in Western society as the Lord of Destruction when his purpose is to destroy the "bad," much as Saturn's is. Hotaru has healing powers as well as destructive ones.

Yesh. She's not very goth, either...she's too genki, man! Did you see her chasing butterflies in SailorStars?

I haven't actually seen her as the tortured twelve-year-old she was in S, but what I've read through I've liked. I can relate pretty strongly to the traumatic experiences at school that made her so withdrawn (although, fortunately, not with the equally bad home life). I'm glad she had a second chance.

Ah, yes, a chance to be normal...except that was kind of short, too, since Neherenia and Galaxia came along. She really is fascinating, in both SMS and Sailor Stars.

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