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Which one's correct: Tenoh, Tenou, or Ten'ou?

There are many different arguments pertaining to the way Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna's family names should be romanized, but in the end it doesn't really matter. Any of the above ways are fine.

Sailoruranus or Sailor Uranus?

Again, it doesn't matter because the only correct way to write in is in Japanese.

Is Haruka a hermaphrodite?

No. This claim comes from an act ?? quote where Michiru says that Haruka embodies both men and women. We personally think this has to do with her personality, not her physical self, and people are reading too much into things. Naoko refuted the claim that Haruka's a hermaphrodite at the San Diego Comic Con.

About that Prince of Uranus thing...

A story made up by SOS in an attempt to hide that fact that Haruka and Michiru are homosexual. It supposedly came from some sourceless article, but SOS had to get rid of it because people complained. No, there was no Prince of Uranus in the past. Yes, Michiru and Haruka are in love.

What?! Haruka and Michiru are in love? You can't be serious!

Yep. That they are. Even Naoko said so. (Isn't that enough?)

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