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commentary: Setsuna

[priya's in red, shilpa's in blue]

There's so LITTLE of her in the anime. It's really sad because she has such potential. She's an intriguing character, and while the mystery shrouding her can be very appealing, the anime majorly underused her.

Yeah, I wish there was more of her. It sounds so cool, being in charge of time, but she has to lead such a solitary life. At least in the manga she gets the chance to lead a normal life like the others.

Well, I like her being able to lead a normal life, but the version in the anime intrigues me more--the solitary, centuries-old guardian of time. (And she still gets some time to be a family with the other Outers :)

Yeah, sure. I like the fact that she has no love interest. She's strong and doesn't need a man. It would be interesting if she found someone but it probably wouldn't work...her being the time guardian and all.... I don't think she's really in love with Endymion either. He's pretty much the only man she ever sees, so of course she'll develop some feelings for him.

Oh, of course that's the reason. I'm glad that she's a mature character who's not always seeking romance. I like her motherly qualities; her relationships with Chibi-usa and Hotaru in particular add a lot of depth to her character. She's usually so serious and reserved, and it's nice to see another side of her.

I hate when people say that Chibi-usa's her only friend 'cause that's not true.

Yeah, she may have been one of the only people to visit her while she was guarding the time gate all alone, but that doesn't mean she isn't friends with the others. The Inners may not know her very well in the anime, but she's certainly friends with the other Outers. Although, again, it's hard to determine how close they are because there's so little of her...*sigh*.

Poor neglected Setsuna...I love the garnet rod...and her's greeeen...sorry, I'm still half-asleep.

We'll say more when we have more to say...

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