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commentary: Michiru

[Priya's in black and Shilpa's in the greenish color]

Michiru's another one of my absolute favorite characters. She has a calm air about her that seems very Zen, if that makes any sense. That appeals to me since I'm always trying to maintain a similar air. But few can succeed to the degree she can--she hides the fact that she's such a tortured character.

She's cool, but I get annoyed by the way peops describe her as "almost perfect." (Wasn't there some TV show called that?) I think that's why she isn't my absolute favorite, even though she is fun to watch(/read).

Her past is underestablished, but episode ??110??? clearly shows that she has problems. The fact that she has to kill innocents for their pure hearts upsets her as it does Haruka, as she admits when she breaks down at one point. But nonetheless, she hardens herself to her duty and keeps reminding Haruka to do the same.

She has a face she keeps up, sort of like Haruka; she seems happy and without worry, but when looked at closely there's more to her.

She's really like Venus in that she was obviously working on her own for a while--and with a far more difficult duty. She had to be ruthless.

Yesh, and she didn't have Artemis around...she didn't have anyone until she found Haruka. That's why the two are so close.

She's a study of contradictions in a way--but I really don't know what people are thinking when they write that she wavers (and Haruka doesn't) when it comes to helping the others during S. She's the one who's always reminding Uranus of their duty, of their promise not to think of one another during battle (although she can't live up to the latter herself). That's not to say that she's unfeeling--only that Haruka's not unfeeling either.

Yeah! Too many yeah's on this page. Blecch! This has nothing to do with Michiru (okay, it does) Anyway, why do people always say she's rich and beautiful first? I mean, she is, but I think the fact that's she's a musical and artistic genius who's multi-talented and definitely not perfect is more interesting. Anyway, being perfect is boring and annoys people.

How could anyone think she's perfect when her hobby is COSMETIC COLLECTING?! What kind of stupid hobby is that? Although when people list among her faults her actions on the SuperS Special--the fact that she would have supposedly risked the world to save Uranus--I don't buy it. That was ONE episode and not even based on anything in the manga. Either she was just joking when she said that she didn't know whether the world would have been destroyed or not (which she very well could have been--her intuition's pretty good, after all), or the writing of that particular episode was just bad. I don't really think that Michiru's so disturbed as to think of Haruka before the world, just like that.

More to come!

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