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[note: p's words will be in orange and Shilpa's will be in white.]

Minako was my favorite SM character for awhile. She's kinda like Usagi, but there are some outstanding differences. Though she's an extrovert, Minako keeps her feelings to herself, and it usually takes Usagi and Artemis to get something out of her.

Minako's funny. She can be so ditzy (I like ditzy characters, as long as they have some sense), but at the same time, she's more together than the others because she was the first senshi awakened and had to rely on only herself when fighting. She had Artemis to support her, of course, but it wasn't the same.

She's very ambitious. She's out to be the best, and she'll probably eventually accomplish it. Haha, she does some crazy stuff sometimes. Like in the Sailor V manga when she was giving blood just to get orange juice. Lying about her age, too, even in that S episode. Funny stuff.

I think it's great how she's a ditzy, boy-crazy type of character and yet athletic and driven. She's very dramatic, from her singing to her volleyball. It's hysterical how during the "sad" sequence of that S ep right after they discover Haruka and Michiru's senshi identities, everyone else flashed on the screen looking sad and thoughtful while Minako flashed onto the screen snarling as she threw herself into a video game. That's just like her. Too easy to stereotype her as just one thing when she's much more.

Yes, yes, not the "Mina" thing DIC made her out to be. Geez, dub fans probably think she's normal or something. Haha, normal that's funny. I like her songs. Ai no senshi yo...Hehe, the Senshi of Love never gets any. Poor Mina-P, always alone. I liked how in the last Sailor V manga, Adonis told her she'd always be alone. That's kinda how I think she'll be. I can't see Minako in a lasting relationship...of all the Inners, she's least likely to be in one of those.

I can see her having lots of flings, though. But nothing permanent...ah, well, she has her friends, and you never know what may happen in the future...

Well, not much else to say. Except that I like how she messes up sayings... :)

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