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commentary: Ami

[Priya's in blue and Shilpa's in gray]

She seems to be either overrated or over-hated, doesn't she?

It's nice that she's so smart, but sometimes it's annoying. But unlike some people *cough Taiki cough*, Ami's very modest, not arrogant.

She is very nice, and I know people like her. But it's hard for me to feel very enthused about her character. It's sort of like when we were trying to converse with a girl in India who wasn't especially talkative:

"So, what do you do in your spare time?"
"How about during vacation?"
"Watch TV."
I'm sure that there was more to the girl's personality, but studying was her life, much like the lives of most Asian students. And since Ami's like them, that's why her character's so well received...

She can be docile and submissive, but she does have a mind, and it's not like the others boss her around all the time.

Besides, not everyone can have a strong, outgoing presence. I think that Ami's presence adds dimension to the show. She's the bookworm with limited social experience, the knowledgable Inner who outwits rather than overpowers.

Her quick thinking has saved the others quite a few times...even if she does state the obvious or says something bluntly sometimes, it doesn't mean she's stupid; it's actually quite funny...

She's awkward socially, as I said. Well, I can empathize with that aspect of her character. I've never been good at mingling...

Back to Ami. Why do people make fun of things like her hair? That's kinda stooooopid.

Well, I don't know about stooooopid, but it is rather shallow and insignificant (unless they're just watching the show to look at the pretty characters)...

Oh, well. It's annoying how people write stories and shtuff about her and Urawa...he showed up, like, twice early in the show...why can't Ami get a new love interest? (NOT Taiki!)

Can you tell she doesn't like Taiki? Not that I don't feel the same way, but we have only seen the first six eps with him in them...

He does change, sorta, but not really... Anyway, that's all with Ami. Nice girl, not our favorite, but she's cool.

Sort of.

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