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[note: shilpa's words will be in red and priya's will be in black.]

Rei's a cool character. Shinto priestess with a temper. I really like how many dimensions there are to her--and it's funny watching her argue with Usagi.

Hey, Rei's kinda like me in a way! She pushes her friends (Usagi mainly) around some, see, but only because she cares about them and knows they have the potential to be better. I do that, too! (Come on, you know I'm not mean...)

Hmm...don't know about that. Well, it's just funny because when Rei and Usagi are together, they can turn into three-year-olds. And Rei doesn't seem on the surface all that childish.

HA! Rei's plenty childish...Usagi just brings it out in her.

Yup. That's what I like about Rei--she seems mature beyond her years in a way since she can be a very focused and diligent individual; but in another way, she's still just a kid...all part of being an only child, I'm sure :)

Okay, just a random comment, but I think it's funny how here, most people who watch the dub think that Minako is the prettiest Senshi but in Japan, they all think that Rei is. It's interesting because in America, blonds are considered prettier than dark-haired people or something.

That's interesting...just goes to show you that beauty is defined by cultural standards. Although personality can have a lot to do with it, too. It's really irritating how downright mean the English dub often makes her seem. There's no way that most viewers can gather that Usagi is Rei's best friend, completely misportraying their relationship as it exists in the anime. I know that in the manga, Rei's closest to Minako...having her closer to Usagi is more interesting and adds more to the dynamic of the series, I think.

I like her close relationship with Minako in the manga because Minako and Usagi are so similar and manga Usagi is a lot more family-oriented. But in the anime, she always goes to Rei for help with relationship advice and stuff like that. I like anime Rei better than manga Rei. Who needs sophistication and guy-disliking when you can have immaturity and Yuuichirou?

Yeah, having a more mysterious Rei just isn't worth the sacrifice. Although I must say, I really like the intuitive mystic side of her. Being plagued by dreams of what is to come and reading fires seems fascinating...

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