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[note: priya's words will be in maroon and Shilpa's will be in black.]

People don't understand Mamoru. Maybe I'll make a pity shrine to him one day. Not that I dislike him, mind you. It's just that he's not as great as some characters, IMO. See, Mamoru is one of those quiet guys who are not unfeeling yet lack extremes of emotion. No, Mamoru will never do something riducuously cheesy, 'cause that's against his character. He doesn't need to, because Usagi knows he loves her. You can tell 'cause he keeps dying for her. I'm glad I don't have to keep dying. How droll.

He's a good character, but he's also the token love interest, don't you think? He's so obviously there just to give Usagi a man--someone who either comes in to protect her at the last minute or gets kidnapped and has to play damsel in distress while Usagi rescues him. So although it's nice to see the leading man as something different, he's still rather stereotypical.

Aw, what a good father. Poor guy, having to deal with Usagi's jealousy. I mean, geez, she's their daughter. It's weird. Come on Artemis, let's go out for a drink. Sorry. SuperS episode flashbacks.

Oh, Usagi and Chibi-usa are so funny with him. But really, I'm glad he has the personality he does. When he's in an uncomfortable situation with Usagi, he just pretends he's not paying attention. And he's dependable, too. The great Tuxedo Kamen! Tuxedo. What a uniform. The classy action hero.

I like his cape. Don't care for the top hat or mask, though. He'd be better off without them. (Aren't they a hassle?) Haha, bad situations with Usagi. Those are funny, man.

Oh, but without the mask, you'd lose the whole "Superman" effect of the first act! Imagine if they'd all KNOWN who Mamoru really was...wait a minute, Usagi doesn't wear a mask!

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