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Commentary: Luna

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I find it pathetic how people dedicate more information to the Starlights than to the cats. The Starlights don't even strike me as interesting. Luna's been around since the very beginning, and I find myself treating her with less importance than I should myself.

Forget the Starlights, many people have more info than Princess Kaykuu than Luna. I mean, please! The cat's had more air time than all of the Outer Senshi combined, so people should know more about her than, "She belongs to Usagi." Without Artemis and her around, the Senshi would be lost.

Anyway, I really can't see her as "belonging" to anyone. She's her own person and holds together very well, and I see her as a rock that Usagi leans on. Sometimes she sounds like she knows more than she really does, though.

She is only around Usagi's age, despite what the dub makes it seem like. (To think, Luna actually got a decent dub voice as compared to some of the others...too bad she sounds like she's 60....)

Her relationship with Artemis is also ridiculously ignored.

Yes! I think that they're much more interesting than...than...Chibi-usa and Elios! Yeah!

I actually think that it's easier to get a firm grasp on Artemis's character--he's an open book in many ways while she plays the staunch one, even in little things. Like when Diana's leaving and Artemis bursts into tears while Luna, calm and collected, solemnly advises their daughter to protect Chibi-usa.

But little things give away Luna's personality. Like Rei, she can be bossy to Usagi, but that's because she cares about her. The relationship between the two is also often overlooked, and it really shouldn't be.

I'd like to have more of an idea of what her relationship with Diana's like. I haven't really seen much of them really interacting.

Guess we'll have to watch more *choke choke* SuperS. (Kidding! It's really not that bad...heh....)

Luna's so together. As I said before, the Inner Senshi really couldn't go on without the help of her and Artemis. That's pretty much all we have to say right now.

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