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[note: shilpa's words will be in brown and priya's will be in green.]

Mako-chan's a good character. Tall and strong...but not stereotypical.

Too bad she thinks she has to be good at girly things in order to be accepted into society. Not that being able to make yummy food is a bad thing (Usagi and the other kids must really appreciate it)...

No, I like the fact that even though she's sort of the "tomboy" character, she enjoys a lot of things that are considered girly, like cooking and cleaning.

Yesh, that Mako, what a balanced character!

I find her agressive nature interesting, although I don't quite understand how she manages to live alone while she's still in junior high school. Might independent, and possibly one of the most impractical things about her character.

Heh, that Mako-chan. That sempai thing really gets old though, especially in fan fiction (at least it did the last time I read SM's been a while).

Ah, yes. She's quite boycrazy, isn't she?

Yeah, but not quite as bad as say, Minako. She focuses better I guess. (German remixes of the rubber ducky song are weird, trust me. Sorry, had to share.)

Well, she's not as fickle as Minako; when her attention's fixed on someone it's a little more intense--and then she gets over it, or so it seems. Yeah, she must really have been fixated on that sempai of hers because she compares every future love interest to him.

Dwelling's bad, but I don't think that's something that'll have a big effect on her future. Y'know, Mako-chan's never been my absolute favorite SM character like a lot of them have been--not that she's not cool, but she's not as eccentric or fiery or nuts as some of them. (I guess I go for the crazy characters more...) But I've never disliked her or anything, either (I don't really dislike any of the main senshi). She's got some cool things about her...I especially like some of her attacks. They're pretty nifty. ("Jup-tah Oak Evolution!") Her manga attacks are swell, too, especially the Coconut Cyclone one. That just sounds fun to me.

Yeah, dwelling IS bad, and it's something I'm quite familiar with... But overall, I admire Makoto's ability to handle life. She's doing quite well despite her parents' death, and when she perceives a fault in herself, she tries hard to fix it. Mako copes well...
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