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I love how Chibi-usa can be an annoying little brat. It distinguishes her from stereotypical perky fictional child characters who stand around looking cute and saying innocent things. I find it funny how so many people hate her; after all, the vast majority of people were, at some point, annoying little brats themselves. I think there's a lot of truth in her character.

I'd rather have a realistic kid than a saccharine Seventh Heaven-ish one...not that the little kids on that show are bearable.... Her dub voice can be so irritating though, like someone sucking helium...

Yeah...but even when all I'd seen was the DIC dub, her voice didn't make me dislike her (and besides, I don't think any of the dubbed voices are as good as the originals). I enjoy the dimension that her presence adds to ther show; I find the Usagi/Chibi-usa relationship more interesting than the Usagi/Mamoru relationship.

Melikes the dynamic between the two. They argue over insignificant things, but when it's important, you can tell how much they care. ( cheeesy....)

Their problem in the past is that they're too much alike and that Usagi's obviously not ready to be a mother yet--but at the same time, Chibi-usa's mother is her idol, and it's really cute how that trait shows up with Usagi/Sailormoon when times are rough.

It's also funny when they fight over dear Mamo-chan, but it's kind of ridiculous how Usagi's jealous of her daughter, especially in the anime. Many people seem to think Chibi-usa chasing Mamoru shows genuine interest, but lots of little girls are possesive of their fathers. (Anyway, Chibi-usa and Mamoru?! That's just sick!)

It sort of bothers me that Usagi's jealous of Chibi-usa--I mean, would she honestly WANT Mamoru to care more about her than their daughter? I'm sure it's just a matter of maturity and that by the time she's actually her mother, her attitude will have changed. After all, Cancerians are supposed to make the best mothers...

It's hard to tell from what she acts like most of the time...she does realize that one reason Mamoru cares for Chibi-usaso much is because she's their daughter. In the SuperS, when Usagi is trying asking Mamoru who he cares about more, she probably wouldn't want it to be her (in the long run at least). And Usagi does mature quite a bit, even in the two years the series follows. Anyway, back to Chibi-usa..."Pink Sugar Heart Attack" is pretty lame.

I keep imagine her flinging Conversation Hearts at people...the Scourge of Valentine's Day...

Her hair's so fluffy!

Come now, let's not get caught up with looks; that always bores me.

Sorry, that was very random.

Let's talk about her relationships with some of the other characters. I really like her bond with Pluto. And her relationship with her best friend--I think it's nice how she and Hotaru contrast one another so well, from personality to powers.

Yesh, they're such a cute pair (no, not couple, you pervert!). I like Chibi-usa's ability to make friends with even the most withdrawn people. Speaking of relationships, she's had more boyfriends than most of the other Senshi. Let's see...there was Elios/Pegasus...and Peruru from the SuperS movie....

And that kid in the S episode she has a crush on...Chibi-usa gets around!

Chibi-usa's a lot more bearable in the manga, especially in SMR...there was less time for her, though.... There seems to be too much of a focus on her in SuperS.

*nodding her head wildly* Which is why I don't really want to see much of it. I mean, Chibi-usa's nice and all, but I don't like fluffy plots.

There's also shtuff on the Inners and her relationship with Usagi...

But no Outers!!! ;(

No Seiya either!!! Oh, man! He is my *hehe* hero, my idol, the one I wanna be like more than anything in this wondrous universe...really he is....

Sure he is.

Anyway, that's about all we have to say on Chibi-usa (for now).

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