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[Note: I wrote this page a couple of years ago one day when I had some spare time on my hands. It was somewhat inspired by B5Jim's "B5 vs. Sailormoon" page that's somewhere out there. I couldn't help it; I saw similarities, and it was fun. You can dismiss it as sheer stupidity, of course... -shilpa]

Which One?


Wanted: One who can successfully lead a large government and protect the universe from the Darkness which will return in a thousand years.

Jeffrey SinclairQueen Serenity



The Ones Who Were: Sinclair/Valen
Queen Serenity




He united the Minbari people and became revered, his prophecy spanning the years to warn of the Shadows' return and his Rangers always prepared to fight against the Darkness.

She led a vast empire, giving her life to beat invaders from the Dark Kingdom and sending the Senshi a thousand years into the future to defend Earth upon their return.

Both have obviously proven themselves worthy, but only one can hold this position. So who will it be? Entil'zha or Queen of the Moon Kingdom?


DelennSailor Moon




The Ones Who Are:
Usagi/Sailor Moon




"My name is Tsukino Usagi, 14 years old... I'm a little clumsy and a bit of a crybaby..."
"I am Delenn, of the family Mir."

Alter Egos:
"I am the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! I fight for love and justice..."
"I am Gray; I stand between the Darkness and the Light, between the candle and the star..."

"On behalf of the Moon, I will punish you!"
"If you value your lives, be somewhere else!"

Strong points:
Both excell in giving speeches and persuading others; Delenn convinces, Usagi whines.

"Oh, John..."

Picture the two standing together in a situation designed to test their abilities. A few youma here, some Friends of the Shadows there. Their allies are all busy fending off mysterious people from the Dark Kingdom who have made an odd reappearance. The Psi Corps has abducted John and Mamoru, and Mistress Nine has possessed Lennier (who knows what her intentions are?).

Perhaps as Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi would stand a chance, but in this case, Delenn is clearly the better One; Usagi is so awed by the latter's ability and poise that she lets her take the lead. Both Delenn and Usagi are resolved to save the universe and would give their lives to save a friend. What Usagi may lack in will (succumbing rather quickly to hunger and breaking into tears whenever something goes wrong) Delenn more than makes up for. As a team, they will certainly triumph; however, regarding performance under pressure, Usagi still needs a few years to mature.


Question: Who can most successfully mediate conflicts among pig-headed diplomats who won't listen to reason?

  John SheridanChibi-Usa  



The Ones Who Will Be:
Chibi-Usa/Chibi Moon




Here, we reach a stalemate.
For convincing others, he has his ability to burst into passionate speeches while she has her cunning combined with an innocent appearance.

For cheating time, she has Sailor Pluto while he has Lorien.

Yes, every ability in One has its complement in the other.

So what happens at a diplomatic meeting?

While Sheridan possesses skill and experience, he simply cannot match the manipulations of this 902-year-old child who hypnotizes the uncooperative and surprises assassins by attacking them with pink sugar hearts (who knew how lethal Valentine candy could be? John never thought of attacking ambassadors with conversations hearts!). However, Chibi-usa is still young and lacks the inspiring qualities of leadership that Sheridan's so full of. The two have different ways of achieving their aims, but neither is less effective. So here you are. (Like you have always been.)

Standard Disclaimer: We don't own these characters. They belong to extremely great people like Naoko Takeuchi and jms.

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