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The first time they meet isn't under the most pleasant of circumstances. Nuriko has succeeded in racing to Miaka's rescue, along with Hotohori, saving her from the clutches of Mt. Leikaku's chief bandit--when the real head bandit bursts in and steals her away again.

After Tasuki eventually joins them, however, he and Nuriko become close friends. How is this so? Well, the two are alike in personality; both are light hearted and good at teasing Tama-chan. Ah, they're so funny when they do it!

One of the most telling Nuriko/Tasuki moments is in episode 33 (attention--spoiler!). True, Nuriko technically is not around at the time, but you can tell that the two were close by Tasuki's tears. (Yes, he's an emotional guy, but he wouldn't have cried if it was...Mitsukake...who'd just died.) Out of all the seishi, I'd have to say that Nuriko was the closest friend that Tasuki had. They had such fun together...

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