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Sunday, July 23, 2000

The Mr. T Resource Center sure is helluva cool. I especially enjoyed looking through winners of the Gold Chain award. And to think, I'd only watched The A-Team a few times as a child...
posted at 7:24:11 PM

After I check my email on Hotmail, I never usually even look at the stupid Microsoft Network page...but today I ended up playing the stupid Encarta Trivia Game for about 20 minutes. Garg.
posted at 7:12:12 PM

Wow, the new semi-god of India (according to my cousin Neha) has a webpage: I haven't seem him act, so I don't know if he's any good, but I have seen the Coke commercial he was in. It had this little boy watching him in a concert, then everything got dark and the kid was confused, and Hrithik said, "Find me...with Coke!" Almost as ingenius as the old Snickers commercial with the guy who said, "When I'm hungry, I don't eat. I grab a Snickers bar."

Anyway, I like Tarkan better...
posted at 7:07:20 PM

Ahhh, finally back from India. Okay, okay, I actually got back a month ago and was too lazy to do anything, even blog. Hey, at least I'm on page 514 of The System, and trust me, that takes a lot of patience...
posted at 6:56:22 PM

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