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Disclaimer: Just to make things clear, these profiles are sheer nonsense created because there's no existing information to add some life to houki beyond her name and the fact that she looks like nuriko. That being said...

Possible Personality #2: Nice Girl Houki- by Shilpa

name: Sakai Houki

birthday: July 27, a Cancer

favorite day of the week: Tuesday

favorite food: she can't decide, but she likes tofu on bad days

least favorite food: noodles

favorite activity: Houki enjoys sitting inside looking outside at people passing by. She likes to sew. On good days, she goes outside and stands for a while three feet away from her house. Ah, how energetic she feels then.

desires: When she was young, she had a secret desire to run away and join a dancing troup, but it was far too impractical and unbecoming for a girl of her status.

family: her father is a well-to-do merchant in Konan. She has a younger sister and several half-brothers and sisters from his second wife. Her mother died a few years after her father married his second wife. She was never very close to any of them and didn't expect to be close to whoever she married in the court. But she wound up falling for the emperor anyway...

Houki is astounded that the emperor chose to marry her. She devotes all her time to trying to be a good empress (and mother, eventually). She is much happier at the palace than she ever was, and is particularly thrilled when Boshin has children and she can be a grandmother.

Ack, that was dull...

©1999 shilpa & priya

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