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Disclaimer: Just to make things clear, these profiles are sheer nonsense created because there's no existing information to add some life to houki beyond her name and the fact that she looks like nuriko. That being said...

Possible Personality #2: Mentally Disturbed Houki
by Priya

Houki was a simple girl. She liked walking through the fields of her farm village, feeling the warmth of the sun on her face. She loved the day, for it was bright and lovely, just as she was. There was only one thing she liked more than her strolls through the fields, and that was her older brother (she didn't like him like that, though, fool!). He took care of her, since her parents had died when she was little. She completely idolized him. Sometimes she would sit and watch him while he worked. She was the only one who completely understood him, unlike their decrepit old aunt. She constantly badgered him to get a wife, get a real job, blah blah blah. It really made her sick to her stomach. But she had to put up with it, 'cause that's where she'd be getting all her money...ooh, money...the things she'd be able to buy....

Ahem. Anyhow, one day Houki ventured far into the woods to visit her dear great-grandmother. Unbeknownst to her, a group of ruffians pillaged the village while she was gone. She returned, aghast, to find the bodies of her family strewn about the house.

"NO!" cried she, falling to her knees, and she took her dear brother's hand. He was dead, completely dead! And.what was that behind him? Houki gasped. He had died protecting that woman! That cruel aunt who detested them! Houki felt herself overcome with grief (naturally) and ran, as fast as she could, to the nearest tavern. She drank and drank and drank till she almost passed out. Then she heard a voice...


Houki sat up, shocked, to see the apparition of her dear brother beside her. "Huh...'nii-san?"

He nodded, apparently annoyed at her present condition. He said nothing of it, however, for he had little time. " have to leave this place! It's the only way!"

"W-where will I...go?" She stuttered.

He swept his arm in a broad fashion and pointed out the door to a winding road. "There."

"H-hai..." She promptly passed out.

The next day, Houki started out on her journey. She passed many happy, happy people. Darn those happy people. Why weren't there any people like her, sad and alone?

But then...amidst the ruckus stood one woman, looking down upon the scene with a look of sadness and aloneness that Houki could sympathize with. So I have found her, she thought, one who is like me! She even looked a bit like herself... At that moment Houki decided to model herself after the woman. She would become this...Kourin (Nuriko). FINALLY! (See, Houki got a little messed up in the head after her family

So Houki became a courtesan (she kind of...did away with another one and took her place. Crazy girl, that Houki....). And when she ended up with the emperor, she was overjoyed, for she knew what her brother would be proud of her. And Kourin...Nuriko...had wanted this, too. See! she shouted to no one in particular when she was alone in the gardens one day. I won! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Houki, Houki, Houki...

©1999 shilpa & priya

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