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Disclaimer: Just to make things clear, these profiles are sheer nonsense created because there's no existing information to add some life to Houki beyond her name and the fact that she looks like Nuriko. That being said...

Possible Personality #1: Houki's Dark Past- by Shilpa

name: Houki ("hou"=phoenix, "ki"=beauty, energy)

birthday: November 2, a Scorpio

family: five brothers and elderly parents

hobby: painting; has a hidden talent for masterminding military strategies

favorite food: burnt toast

least favorite food: would be marshmallows, had she ever eaten any

Houki was born in Kutou-koku to a well-to-do family. As a child, she revealed quite a talent for painting and enjoyed lounging about the gardens of her manor.

When she was 16, her family was killed during one of the many wars that tore the region. She went mad with vengeance and started a secret underground raising rebellion against the emperor. She found an ally in Nakago, and with his help, masterminded a strategy that would defeat the emperor. The two even had a brief fling (Soi tried to kill her once, to no avail). As she worked with him, however, she realized that Nakago was willing to jeapordize hundreds of innocent people to achieve his ends. Sickened by Nakago's apathy, she realized how dwelling on her hatred could destroy her. She left the county, fleeing to Konan, where she was determined to have a peaceful life. She settled down as a courtesan, deciding to try living like other (highly privileged) women, and was shocked when the pretty emperor took interest in her.

Houki happily married the emperor. She resolved herself to living in Nuriko's shadow and staying away from the military planning that sickened her. She could paint and garden again. Her happiness was brief, however. Hotohori died in battle after they had only been married for a short time. She was sick with grief and blamed herself for having been too weak to teach him any wisdom that may have saved him. She should have known what Nakago was planning!

Hotohori's reappearance saved her, however, and she got herself together and she enjoyed the rest of her life, ruling well as she raised the beautiful baby Boushin and taught him the secrets of avoiding all other wars.

A bit better? ©1999 shilpa & priya

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