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It's a ghost!
No, it's a weak plot device!
No--well, maybe--but it's also Houki!!!

Project Houki

the emperor needed an heir. although he wanted nothing more than to marry Suzaku no Miko, he knew that it could not be. and then suddenly, he was pained by the loss of nuriko-sama...but as nuriko-sama died (or so hori-sama thought), he brought him together with his future empress, houki. she resembled nuriko-sama. she married him. she cared for him, and he came to feel the same way. she bore him a cute heir...

But unfortunately, the Empress Houki suffered from a sad malady known in Layman's terms as lack of personality. Even Tatara the Magnificent, who had only a couple of episodes, revealed more dimensions than she did. In fact, her only strength as a character seems to be evoking pathos from her audience (since she was second to Miaka, since Hotohori died so soon after their marriage), or maybe even envy since she had Hotohori.

So what to do? Curse Watase Yuu for creating such boring female characters? Praise her for making Houki true to the women of her position and time period, even if they were dull?

No, there is a more pro-active way! Here are some things you can do to force some life into Houki...

Create a personality! For example...

personality #1: Houki's Dark Past?

personality #2: Mentally Disturbed Houki?

personality #3: Nice Girl Houki?

reincarnation?- it's a hot debate. Let's explore it a bit.

©1999 shilpa & priya
*original version of the Houki pic above is scanned by (the other)Priya and Kristi and on their page

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