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The World Below, the underground Tunnels of New York City, serves as a haven for the suffering. There, the homeless, the abused, those escaping painful memories formed a safe and caring community where they found solace and thrived.

My friend Neeta and I decided that one day, we would form such a haven. Since we have to start somewhere, this will serve as a virtual haven. For now, it consists of three sections of links, but it will evolve into something greater. This page does not aim to sectionalize or preach but to nurture the mind and seek to end injustice.


When the lonely and suffering entered the Tunnels, they were welcomed with open hearts and healed by all the good intentions of the residents. In the Tunnels, Catherine (as well as others) gained a spirit that her world, with all its material riches, would have killed. Basic necessities may maintain our physical well-being, but we need more than that to nurture out minds...

Oscar Wilde- This page links to his beautiful works and is insanely appropriate; I do have his quote on the mainpage, after all.

Cybergrrl- "Informing, inspiring, and celebrating women." Great site! I head the creater give a talk once...

"This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule..." One of the greatest tragedies of the World Above involves its obsession with all things material that fosters greed and consumerism, a drive to own more and more. It wipes out compassion and the ability to find joy in simple things. It ravishes our world and hurts the underpriveledged. From the gold plates that made the Tunnel residents forget their priorities in life (for just an episode) to Elliott Burch, the poor rich man who strives to build taller buildings and expand his power and wealth, seeking satisfaction in the hollow, Beauty and the Beast makes a powerful statement against the false enticement of wealth and power.

Adbusters- contains some amusing spoof ads and "uncommercials" as well as general criticisms of the encouragement to own more and more that's fostered by the media.

Tibet Online- Dedicated to non-violence. The people of Tibet as well as the country's ecosystem continue to suffer under colonial rule. Politics may be ugly, but genocide is uglier.

Yoga Directory- Sort of impersonal, but I think this might be a helpful resource...I find yoga to be a wonderful way of balancing myself in this chaotic world, and have discovered Iyengar and Kundalini are for me, but there are so many types and styles, so I thought it best to link to information about them so you can explore what works for you. I advise against "modified" practices like Power Yoga--go for the real stuff!

The Pipes...

For those who want to root through the skewed propaganda in the mainstream media and get to the information, here is some help...

Mother Jones


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