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"I'm not saying what I'm saying. I'm not saying what I'm thinking. As a matter of fact, I'm not thinking what I'm thinking."

name: John J. Sheridan

is: Starkiller, captain of Babylon 5, President of the Intersteller Alliance, the One who Will Be...

wants: to save everyone; oranges

birthday: where is that pesky B5 calendar?

hometown: someplace on Earth, presumably the US

family: his mother; his father, David Sheridan, who was an ambassador, are living on Earth; a sister, Elizabeth; was married to Anna until she died and, before her, to Elizabeth Lochley for three months; will have a son, David, with Delenn.

religion: is open minded; believes in a little of everything

strong point: persuasive speeches; is a tactical genius

weak point: relaxation

catch phrase: "Get the hell out of our galaxy!"

role: Along with Delenn, he leads the Army of Light. He is the One who Will Be, and aside from the literal meaning, his identity as "the end of the story," as Zathras calls him, suggests, among other things, the ending of the Shadow War; Sinclair sets up the Army of Light; Delenn, with all her knowledge, makes sure that history takes its course; and Sheridan mobilizes the last attacks and takes them into the glorified "Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind"...

others' opinions of him:

"You are a very strange man, even for a human." --Delenn

"You have always been here."--Kosh

shilpa's comments: For the most part, I like Sheridan, although he's not a great favorite or anything. At times, he really irks me, but his cheesy speeches grow on me, and he has just enough quirks not to be a normal( = boring) person. I think that I liked him better before he died. He grew a bit too different afterwards, particularly in the fifth season. I like innocent John more.

I really enjoy the Sheridan/Delenn relationship. It adds a nice dimension to the show. Slow-developing relationships are good, and I like the fact that the two are strong, able characters who don't completely change as they grow closer. (I'm not counting the fifth season, in which Sheridan completely annoyed me and Delenn had barely any role...the story really ended in the fourth season since jms had to wrap it up the way he did. It was nice to have a fifth season, but the first four seasons + "Sleeping in Light" were the best...)

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