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name: Lorien

is: the First One

wants: to help the younger races

birthday: early

family: some non-sentient beings? everyone who followed?

religion: who knows?

strong point: being wise

weak point: dying of old age

role: being the smart one who knows all; bringing people back from the dead by giving away some of his "Lifeforce"

catch phrase: "Hope is all we have."

shilpa's comments: Okay, so maybe it's unfair to some of the main characters to put up Lorien before them, but he's great! And Wayne Alexander's wonderful. Besides, he's easy to write for :) I don't really have that much to say. I like wise characters.

from the all-knowing Priya: Lorien's so cool! Geez, I say that about everyone, don't I? How droll. Anyway, Lorien's one of those characters who you can't really dislike...unless you think...he's ugly or something, and stuff like that matters to you. Not that he is... ANYWAY, he's wise but not in a "bow down to me the great First One" way, so that's gouda.

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