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"Understanding is a three-edged sword."
name: Kosh (the good one)

is: the resident Vorlon

wants: to keep the younger races away from the Shadows

birthday: a loooong time ago; he's old even for a Vorlon

family: other Vorlons? Vorlons no longer procreate, so whoever's there is there...

religion: well, he certainly follows the Vorlons philosophy as far as their insistence on order goes; Vorlons are very orderly and have been manipulating younger races (both mentally and genetically--supposedly for their own good) into following very orderly philosophies and such. Kosh certainly wants things in order.

strong point: confusing everyone with good advice; manipulation

weak point: he despises the Shadows rather intensely...

role: He tries to keep everything orderly and on some degree, he seems to foresee the future. He's aware of the Valen history that must be fulfilled, of course, but he seems aware of more. For instance, in the first episode, he refers to the Narn and Centauri as "lost," signifying (though Sinclair doesn't know it) that they will never make it beyond the Rim as humanity and the Minbari eventually will (or at least I think that's what he signifies; it's the impression I got after JMS revealed the fact). And, of course, there's the warning he gives Sheridan about Z'ha'Dum...

catch phrase: "Who are you?"

how others see him:

"Well, as answers go, short, to the point, utterly useless, and totally consistent with what I have come to expect from a Vorlon."--Sheridan

shilpa's comments: Kosh quotes are some of the best on the series, and that fact alone raises my estimation of his character. To tell the truth, characters who go around preaching and trying to convert everyone to their way annoy me to no end--but the fact that Kosh is cryptic makes up for his attitude problem. And he comes through in the end; unlike others of his species, he takes a more personal interest in what happens to the younger races. He doesn't use them like the others, eventually looking beyond the petty conflict with the Shadows to truly help the younger races--although it winds up killing him.

I suppose what bothers me about the Vorlons, and the Shadows as well, is the way they go around trying to force their values on everyone else--beings who think that theirs is that only right way. Unbalanced fanaticism, colonization in general, whatever you want to call it. So that's the facet of Kosh that annoys me, but this Kosh in particular comes around, so he's okay. And Jeffrey Wilerth's GREAT!

priya's comments:

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