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"No boom today, boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow."

name: Susan Ivanova

is: in the words of jms, "Russian, pessimistic, wry, very sharp"; a commander; rather quirky; loyal; "God" :)

wants: to perpetuate peace; to fulfill her duty

birthday: August 30, 2230

hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia

family: Her mother, Sofie, was a telepath who was driven to take her life because of the PsiCorps sleepers she was forced to take. Her brother, Ganya, died in the Earth-Minbari War. Her father, Andrei, died a decade later, presumably of natural causes.

religion: Jewish

Strong point: strength, pessimism

weak point: dealing with her grief; PsiCorps

role: She fulfills many roles in the series, but her main role seems to be that of a survivor. Until the very end, she continues to lose people but to keep go on because of her sense of duty and obligation. (But I've gone on about this enough to have to move the info to another page, so...)

She's also a VERY capable, loyal officer and friend, as mentioned before. She can be rather tyrannical, really. Always fun to watch :) As revealed by "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars," in the future, she will be remembered as "Ivanova the Strong." The title describes her well.

catch phrase: "Trust Ivanova."

what other people think of her:

Sheridan: You have a face that people trust.
Ivanova: I'd rather have a face that people fear.
Sheridan: That too.

shilpa's comments: Ivanova's currently my favorite character. She's great! Strong, quite tortured... Tragic characters appeal to me (unless they're completely pathetic, which Ivanova most certainly is not). I actually managed to go on such a rant on the survivor page that I don't have much to say. Ivanova's cool. Ivanova is God :)

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