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"Don't you die on me yet! I'm not through with you!"

name: Stephen Franklin

is: a doctor; a workaholic;

wants: to heal people; to do no harm

birthday: um...

hometown: where is he from?

family: His mother; sisters; and father, General Richard Franklin, a career military officer who Franklin had a somewhat troubled relationship with because of a clash of views

religion: Foundationist (according to JMS, a new religion that started around the year 2000)

strong point: dedication

weak point: he's a workaholic; his obsessive compulsive nature lead to a stims addiction...

catch phrase: " a doctor, I have to treat all my patients equally. Even the annoying, self-righteous, arrogant ones with self-important delusions of godhood."

role: He's the moral one of the lot, the one who always stands by his principles...even if they get him in trouble. A doctor to the core, always valuing life above politics and working with a passion to aid the suffering.

Franklin has a very strong sense of morality. Sometimes, he can be positively self-righteous, but he never caves in for the sake of convenience, even if he faces prison or the condemnation of those around him. One example would be his refusing to allow the information he compiled on the Minbari to aid the military in creating a biogenetic weapon; another would be his saving a child's life against his orders, the wishes of the child's parents, and possibly the child's own religious beliefs. At one point, his drive to throw all possible effort into saving lives leads him to a stims addiction, as he tries to keep himself incessantly awake and alert. No matter what, he does what he does because he values life as sacred.

shilpa's comments: Franklin's just so's hard not to like him, although I must admit he'd not a great favorite. I appreciate the reverence with which he treats life. At times, his somewhat black-and-white view of right and wrong irk me, especially if he pushes his views on other poeple, but for the most part, I respect his holding to his convictions even if his values lead to trouble. He may sometimes be self-righteous, but he's not self-important; his business is life, and he does whatever he can to help the living. Love those scenes with him and Marcus on their voyage to Mars... :)

priya's comments: Franklin's the man! Yeah! I really like Franklin now, even though he wasn't one of my favorites during the show's run. He always makes the greatest speeches, and when faced with a moral dilemma he makes the right decision (in my mind, at least). And he's pretty darn funny sometimes ("And that's when I shot him, your honor!").