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Vir and Lennier

Lennier: "Sometimes I get so close, and yet it seems like 
          I'm shut out of the important things."

Vir: "Useless feeling. The ambassador is definitely going through some changes. He even looks different."

Lennier: "You never know what it's all about until later, when it's too late."

Vir:"And they never listen to us."

Together: "Makes me nervous."

Vir: "Same time tomorrow?"

Lennier: "Sure."

Attachés Anonymous

Does the dialogue above sound familiar?
Is the stress of the job getting to you?
The apprehension, the precarious politics?
Walking on eggshells with that temparamental ambassador whose every whim you must cater to without question, with a cheerful smile and supportive word, being a rock that s/he can lean on when you're turning to spoo on the inside?

KNOW that you are NOT alone!

If you need help, we're here for you. Talking to other attachés will provide a warm, comforting atmosphere to share your fears and qualms with others who understand your pain. Here, you can let out all those repressed emotions. We will nurture your emotional well-being so that you can continue being a pillar of strength for your ambassador to lean on with renewed energy.

Meeting times and places vary according to political agendas and activities, but just sign up, and we'll give you all the info.

Always remember how special you are!
Your ambassador wouldn't be able to get on without you!

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